• How to Reach Apple Experts?

    Apple Experts Is in a very accessible location and you can follow the map to reach our place. You may call us +97477700204 and we shall guide you in case you face any difficulty in finding the Place.

    Do you use original Spare Parts?

    Yes, we use genuine spare parts and some of the products comes with warranty. We take special care while replacing the parts and only use quality spare parts. We have an exclusive store, where you can avail all the replacement parts .You don’t have to wait long to get your device serviced.

    When do I pay for the repair? Need to pay in Advance?

    You can pay in advance or have option to pay after the repair/Replacement is done. You can pay by cash or pay by card.

    Can you fix a damaged IPhone button?

    Yes, our technicians are experts in servicing Apple Products and has experience dealing with different versions of iphone’s.A damaged IPhone Button is a common problem and we have been dealing with such issues often.

    Do you repair all Apple Products?

    We specialize in servicing all models of Iphone’s,MacBook,Ipad and iMac and has an exclusive store for all its Replacement parts. All repairs can be done from broken screen to chip levels servicing. We have specially trained service Engineers to repair Apple Products. We use Quality replacement parts and has special tools for repair work.

Looking For A Fast & Reliable Repair Service

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