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Cracked screen?? Visit Apple experts Qatar we can get it replaced for you.Get your display replaced with fair price. You might have slipped the phone from your hand while keeping it aside or putting it back in to your pocket.

One of the common problem most of the iPhone users have is with the display. Our team replaces the display with the genuine spare parts. Apple service doha,qatar expert repairing panel is well experienced in repairing the iPhone's and return it to you within a prescribed time. For us customer is king, so their satisfaction is most important for us. We provide them with on-time quality servicing for each one. Our iPhone service center doha,qatar customer support team is well qualified to answer the queries.We offer quality service at affordable price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Is it possible to replace an impaired iPhone X display, without replacing the whole iPhone?

    Yes. Most of the exclusive Apple service centers offer display replacement services for iPhones.

    2. My iPhone 8 plus has got lines on the display. How does this happen and what’s the solution?

    Lines on display arise due to problems within the display. The only solution for this is to replace the display.

    3. I cracked my iPhone’s display. Should I replace the display or do I repair the display?

    A cracked display cannot be recovered. So the only solution is to replace it with a new display.

    A cracked display cannot be recovered. So the only solution is to replace it with a new display.

    iPhone display flickering occurs mainly due to error with the display. For a proper understanding of the reason, a thorough check is needed. If the problem is with the display, it should be replaced.

    5. My iPhone’s touch screen is not responding. Why is it so and how do I fix it?

    An unresponsive touch screen might be due to the fault with the digitizer, i.e., the part of the display that processes touch on the screen. The issue may also arise because of software problems. Expert technicians will analyze the issue and recommend the right solutions for the problem.