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Macbook Keyboard Service

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The Butterfly Mechanism is the technique used in the latest MacBooks, to increase the precision of typing.It has wider keys than the scissors mechanism of keyboard. Butterfly keyboard uses less vertical space and thus making the device even more slimmer. One of the common issue with the Butterfly keyboard is the dust getting accumulated between keys, use a can of compressed air to blast out the dust from under the key. Some of the othe common issues faced by the MacBook users is the repeating of the key or the key doesn't register on a press, another type of issue with keyboard is caused by the liquid spill.

In some cases certain keys would need to be replaced whereas sometimes the whole keyboard needs to be replaced.Repair and replacement will be provided within a specific time by the authorized technicians at Apple Expert Qatar.100% assured assistance and quality servicing will be provided from macbook service center qatar.

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